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  • PATOIS Alice Area Manager Rhône-Alpes, Maison Guerlain
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Patois Alice

Area Manager Rhône-Alpes, Maison Guerlain

Patois Alice

The partnership between EKLYA School of Business and Maison Guerlain was established 7 years ago.

A very strong partnership was created over the years with the team. We expect our work-study students to represent the image of the brand in the different point of sales, to develop market share, to conduct in-store events…

We wish them to develop skills and grow with us and we commit ourselves to accompany them as best as we can to make these years an unforgettable experience for them.

These are often their first steps in the professional world. A work-study program contracts represent a real talent pool for the company.

Sometimes at the end of their final year, certain opportunities are created, and we are able to offer positions to our “bees”, as we call them at Guerlain, among the teams.

We enjoy working with EKLYA School of Business, the relationship that unites us continues to grow stronger.

A big thank you to the teams for the richness of our exchanges and the work we do together and for the encounters it offers us.

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