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  • Perrin Christophe : Employment & training manager, MONDIAL TISSUS
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Perrin Christophe

Employment & training manager, MONDIAL TISSUS

Perrin Christophe

Why did Mondial Tissus chose EKLYA?

EKLYA Business School is part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is a guarantee of quality. We formerly had partnerships via the IAE, for which EKLYA is in charge of the pedagogical management. Through this experience, we had been convinced by the seriousness, follow-up and action.

The meeting with Sébastien Arcos and Isabelle was also decisive. Humility, simplicity, sharing and equity, these values highlighted through actions of listening, availability, collaboration, seems as a guarantee for success.

What is the interest for your company to have a dedicated class?

Like any training project, the development of skills is at the heart of the subject. Our internal teams are demanding in terms of skills and responsibilities and the company does not always know how to respond to these expectations. The company has a significant know-how capital, retailer needs and also specific requests. At the same time, it is challenging to fill a Deputy Manager position.

The combination of developing internal skills, anchoring the best practices of specialized distributors and the particularity of managing large customer flows associated, led us to choose this way, which is better suited to these objectives.

More broadly, the partnership between the two entities

The proximity of the EKLYA teams allows a constant exchange on a 360° vision of the needs of our brand. This means that we have the flexibility to use our operational environment to highlight the theoretical input and also to allow our experts to train our employees. It is a chance to be able to follow them as close as possible to the operational reality. It is also important for us that the school stays open after classes and that we can find time for exchanges, meetings and activities at the training site with our students, who are located all over the country.

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