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MAS Sandrine

Regional Manager, RENÉ FURTERER

MAS Sandrine

In 2001, the partnership with the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry was a perfect discovery for me because until we contacted them, I only worked with students who were following a 2-year work-study program.

For me, one year seemed a little short to train and format work-study students but thanks to a real partnership with the representatives of the Lyon Métropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I realized that the task was much easier than in the past.

There are many reasons for this:

1/ There is a lot of listening and the selection of students is high quality. Moreover, for the last 3 years, I have noticed an improvement from year to year in reaching students with interesting profiles.

2/ The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has perfectly understood the company’s requirements and is very flexible for the organization when the company needs it.

3/ The rhythm of the work-study program meets our needs. 3 weeks being the minimum required to do a good follow-up on the field.

4/The teachers and all the pedagogic teams are involved and show an important interest in the students. They follow and advise them.

5/ The fact of having a Pierre Fabre dedicated class facilitates exchanges between the students and leads them to team building and a harmony of work more than in the past

6/ The quality of education corresponds to the companies’ needs.

7/ The selection of candidates is more rigourous, we have work-study students who, after having worked with us, are offered a position at Pierre Fabre.

In conclusion, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes the work-study program, which attracts more and more interesting and interested people who match with companies.

On my side, our work-study students have a heavy, but exciting job and they come out stronger through these experience. They acquire qualities that will be required later in the company: organization, empathy, a synthetic mind, adaptability and professionalism.


This training is essential because pharmacy assistants have a lack of sales training and are too inclined to respond to needs without ever triggering them. It is a training adapted for people who want to be trained and which facilitates them to be hired in attractive companies (if the internship went well) by reducing the risk of error.

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