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Why did you choose the Master Management & Development of Franchise Networks?

The program offered by this Master gives a strategic and operational vision of the company thanks to complementary and varied training modules such as: Sales in Real Estate, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Management…

This Master Program gives us legitimacy in front of professionals in any profession.

Moreover, all these training modules combined with the work-study program allow us to rapidly increase our technical skills and competences on key subjects, in front of franchises as facilitator or as future franchise developer.

What struck you the most during these 2 years at EKLYA? What did you appreciate the most?

I will mainly remember the human aspect. The fact that it was a class of about twenty people permitted us to discover each other very quickly and to build relationship that last even after we finished our studies. What was also interesting was to have different profiles and different professional backgrounds. Indeed, some came from business school, university or other simply wishing to reorient themselves.

To the question: What did you appreciate the most? I would answer heterogeneity. Some were work-study students in the food sector, others in household equipment or in the personal services sector. This disparity allowed us to exchange, learn and broaden our know-how and skills to transfer and put them into practice in our respective companies while being able to rely on feedback from trainers and/or professionals from quality brand networks.

What’s next for you?

Today, I am a Network Development Manager for the company where I did my Master’s degree in a work-study program.

But for the future, after a year on a permanent contract, I’ve decided to leave the company and join a new company at the beginning of 2020, which wants to become No. 1 in the Catering / Brasserie sector as Network Development Manager for France.

Why would you recommend this program to young people?

To put it simply, this training is a real career, network and skills booster in various professional sectors as mentioned above.

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