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The University of Cooperative Education (BA) in Leipzig is part of a regional network of professional universities in the « land » of Saxony which are part of the agreement with EKLYA especially for the incoming mobility. All courses at BA Leipzig as in the whole network are work-study programs with 3 months teaching and 3 months working in the company and cover a great number of technical and sales professions.  The BA Leipzig is specialized in controlling, real estate and tax audit as well as computing and service engineering but we are working with other BA sites especially for international business. For 3 years, EKLYA has organized a regular one week exchange in November and April between our international master students (MDAI) and students form the Berufsakademie (BA) Leipzig.                                                                                                                 Leipzig, 600 000 inhabitants 190 km from Berlin, has been for several centuries at the crossroads of culture (music) and trade. In 1989, Leipzig became famous as birthplace of the “peaceful revolution” and is today the most dynamic city in former East Germany. Leipzig, twin city of Lyon, has been recently elected most attractive student city in Germany.


Site link : https://www.ba-leipzig.de/


Birmingham City University (BCU) was the first international partner to sign an agreement with EKLYA. With 25800 students and an amazing new campus in Birmingham city center, BCU is one the most dynamic English universities welcoming students from all over the world. BCU’s academic offer focussing on practical skills and professional relevance is organized in 4 faculties : arts, design and media / health, education and life sciences / business, law and social sciences / computing and engineering. EKLYA has an agreement with the Birmingham City Business School whose 70 courses in business, economy, marketing, management and human ressources are open to our students. BCU can offer student accommodation on the new campus.

Birmingham, second town in England 2 hours from London and twin city of Lyon, is in full transformation from a town with a strong industrial past to a dynamic service and commerce town with a surprising revitalisation of its old canal network.

Nota bene : since the Brexit the mobility activities with BCU are currently being redefined.



Site link : https://www.bcu.ac.uk/


Vatel School of Bahrain, a brand new International Hotel Management school under the patronage of Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, has opened its doors in October 2019. Vatel Bahrain offers bachelors and masters degree programs in hotel and event management for the growing hospitality and tourism industry in Bahrain. The school signed partnership agreements with internationally-known hotels for practical application periods. All courses in the new premises with cutting-edge equipment are delivered in English with a multinational teaching team. Vatel Bahrain is able to organize specific courses to meet the needs of EKLYA in the fields of marketing and international business development.

The kingdom of Bahrain, an island country linked to Saudi Arabia by a 25 km bridge, is situated in the middle of the Persian Gulf, a prime location for trade and cultural exchange.  Bahrain and its capital city Manama covers a surface slighty bigger than Lyon metropolis with about 1,6 million inhabitants of which 55% are expatriates, many of them coming from India.

Bahrain, a cosmopolitan and very welcoming country with an excellent quality of life and more religious tolerance that in most of the other countries in the Gulf region, has been voted the best place to live in the world for expatriates.

Site link : https://www.vatel.bh/en/hotel-management-school-bahrain/vatel-bahrain-presentation


With than15,000 students per year and 300 professors, the School of Management Sciences of University of Quebec in Montréal (ESG UQUAM), ranks among the top management schools and faculties in Canada and in the world. Recognized for the quality of its practical teaching, the excellence of its applied research and its international presence, ESG UQAM  offers 70 undergraduate and graduate study programs that cover all disciplines of management and business administration. Even if ESG and Montréal/Quebec are francophones, about 50% of the modules are offered in English. Situated on the UQAM central campus in the heart of Montreal close to the business and the entertainment district, ESG offers a stimulating academic environment and welcomes all 550 foreign students from 150 partners in 35 countries who can stay in one of the UQAM student residences on the campus.
Ranking among the best student cities in the world, Montreal, friendly and dynamic city in Summer as in Winter, offers an exceptional quality of life due its offer in culture, sports and gastronomy.


Site link : https://uqam.ca/


Keimyung University, private university and our partner since 2016, was founded in 1954 and welcomes today nearly 27000 students.. The university is located in the city of Daegu in south-east Korea with 2.5 million inhabitants, two hours by train from Seoul and one hour from Busan.  The huge 4 x4 km university campus is served directly by subway and comprises the largest concert hall in Daegu, one of the best hospitals in South Korea and even a traditional Korean village. Among Keimyung’s 16 faculties, the faculty of business administration offers a wide range of modules in English and is one of the 10 best business schools in South Korea. It is possible to stay in a dormitory on campus.

Since 2018, Keimyung University has been inviting selected EKLYA students to participate in an important innovation contest : the Global Innovatord Festa ( GIF).

Daegu, one of the biggest cities in South Corea, has a large offer of shopping facilities and attractions with excursion possibilities to national parcs and important historical sites like Gyeongju or the temple of Haeinsa.


Site link : www.kmu.ac.kr/english/


Regularly ranked as one of the best business schools in Spain and located near one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the private school CESINE specializes in business development, management, communication, public relations and design. CESINE offers a wide range of courses in English to students of 45 different nationalities. Thanks to its strong international experience CESINE ranks third among all Spanish universities in terms of internationalisation. Another strong point of CESINE is its unique network of more than 2,500 partner companies and many possibilities for student internships. 

Located on the northern coast of Spain, Santander is one of the country’s main harbours and the capital of the Cantabrian region. Its magnificient bay is one of the most beautiful in the world, which attracts all water sports. Not far from the mountains, the city of Santander also offers the possibility to spend days skiing.


Site link : www.cesine.com


EUSA, the university centre of the Seville Chamber of Commerce, was created in 1961 and has been attached to the University of Seville since 1996. EUSA’s campus, located in the heart of Seville, is one of the most modern in Spain creating a highly motivating learning environment. EUSA offers bachelor programs in the fields of communication, advertising, journalism and tourism. Taking advantage of the excellent relations with the business world, EUSA also organizes work-study programs. In the English-language study abroad programs on its “global campus” with students of 20 different nationalities throughout the year, EUSA offers courses in business, tourism and entrepreneurship as well as language and cultural discovery courses.                                
Seville, the most important city in southern Spain, is the capital of Andalusia, one of the most interesting regions in Spain in terms of cultural heritage and traditions. Proud of its history and monuments, Seville is at the same time a very lively and young city.




Site link : www.eusa.es


Located in the heart of New York City, the Manhattan Institute of Management (MIM) specializes in hosting international students for semester and year-long programs in business, finance and management. MIM’s modern facilities are integrated into the New York Campus of Nyack College, 2 Washington Street, Downtown Manhattan. The first EKLYA students who completed a semester at MIM appreciated the quality of the specialized courses in the field of business administration. One of the strengths of MIM is the integration of field experience in business and technology in the academic programs. MIM also benefits from excellent connections to the business world.                
A stay at MIM obviously allows you to take full advantage of the hectic life of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.



Site link : https://www.mimusa.edu/


The Caucasus School of Business, created in 1998 with funds from the US government, is one of 12 schools that make up Caucasus University, a private university created in 2004 and located in Georgia’s capital, Tblissi. The university has 11 faculties, including law, economics, technology, media and medicine.

The Caucasus School of Business, the best business school in the Caucasus region with about 150 partner institutions in the world, regularly figures in the world rankings of business schools, especially for its master programs. The MBA, organized jointly with Grenoble School of Management (GEM), is ranked 62nd in the Financial Times’ global MBA rankings.

The Bachelor program in Business Administration includes courses in marketing, management, accounting and finance. All courses are taught in English.

Surrounded by the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is known as the cradle of wine and for its great hospitality. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Georgia is seeking to make a place for itself on the international scene by drawing closer to the European Union and especially to France.


Tomori Pal College, founded in 2004, is a private higher education institution, accredited by the Hungarian state, specialized in bachelor programs in business and finance meeting the requirements of the labour market. On its main campus in a mansion like building in South Buda surrounded by a beautiful parc, Tomori Pal College tries to create a family-like and student-orientated atmosphere. Several years ago Tomori Pal College introduced a strong international orientation and has welcomed students from 40 countries.

Tomori Pal offers full courses in English in Business Administration and Management, International Business Administration and International Relations.

Budapest, the Paris of Eastern Europe around 1900, can boast of a rich history and architecture but also of a dynamic student life with an important Erasmus community.


Site link : https://portal.tpfk.hu/en/


A partner of EKLYA for several years, the International School of Business (ISB) is a private business school located in the heart of Dublin near Temple Bar. ISB specializes in semester programs for international students, accredited in Ireland by the national agency Qqi – “Quality and Qualifications Ireland”. Thanks to this semester organisation, ISB is the only partner that can offer EKLYA students an accredited full course certificate for mobility in B3. EKLYA students can choose between 3 certificates: Certificate in Business for International Learners / Certificate in Sales & Management / Certificate in Digital Marketing & Media. One of the ISB strong points is the personalized tutoring of quality teachers, many of whom are also involved in the Dublin Business School (DBS).

Since the UK brexit, Dublin has become more attractive for business staying at the same time a lively and open town for young people and students.

Nota bene: ISB is not eligible for Erasmus grants. 

Site link : www.isb.ie


With 7,000 students on three campuses in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, Griffith College is Ireland’s largest private university. Founded in 1974, it offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s level programs with a strong professional orientation such as business, accounting, law, journalism, computer science, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, design, music production…The university bases its teaching on a student-centred approach: the professors are accessible and the atmosphere of study is positive and motivating. Students from 77 nationalities study every year at Griffith College, whose degrees are recognised throughout the world.

Griffith College’s beautiful main campus, located just a few minutes walk from the centre of Dublin, has historic buildings, many modern facilities of high quality and also a student residence where rooms can be booked for EKLYA students.

 Site link : www.griffith.ie


Griffith College offers on its campus in Cork most of the Dublin programs including business programs.

The Cork Campus is located in renovated historic buildings in a 2-hectare park on a hillside near Cork city centre (15 min on foot).

Cork is Ireland’s second largest city located close to the south-western coast. Cork has retained a very authentic charm while being a dynamic and young student city. The beautiful landscapes of the southwest of Ireland (West-Cork, Kerry) are nearby.

It’s important to know that both the study fees at Griffith College Cork and the accommodation costs in Cork are significantly lower than in Dublin. For this reason, we have included two Griffith College campuses in our offer.

Site link : www.griffith.ie


Founded in 1921, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart is the largest private university in Europe with more than 41,000 students in 12 schools. Located in the heart of Milan’s historic centre, the “Cattolica” has a beautiful main campus grouped around an old convent dating back to the Middle Ages with two beautiful Renaissance courts, as well as modern classrooms and facilities.

The university stands out for its multidisciplinary program, its links with industry and business and its strong international orientation.

Ranked in a dozen fields among the best universities in the world, the “Cattolica” offers 200 courses in the Italian, but also numerous courses in English, for example in the fields of economics, business, accountancy, finance and international relations.

For their semester in Milan, EKLYA students can choose courses from the ‘Economics and Management’ curriculum.

Site link : www.unicatt.it