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International Strategy eklya 2020-2025

The international orientation is a key element in the development strategy of EKLYA School of Business holder of the ERASMUS charter since 2018. In line with the size of the school (600 students at the beginning of the 2019 academic year, 1000 students expected within 5 years) and its evolution projects, we are looking above all for a progressive, reasonable and sustainable international development.

The PRINCIPLES that drive our international development strategy as a school of the Lyon Métropole Saint Etienne Roanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry are:

  • A qualitative rather than a quantitative approach: we seek to establish strong international relations with different forms of mobility and cooperation that can go as far as accompanying our students in real international business projects or start-ups.
  • International development in line with our Lyon – Saint Etienne metropolitan regional anchorage by establishing relations with partners in cities or regions with an economic fabric comparable to that of the CCI Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne economic area.
  • Search for international partners and programs with a strong focus on the business world
  • a distinctive offer in international mobility in terms of destinations, programs and offered options
  •   the creation of a true international culture within EKLYA

After the implementation of a first outgoing international offer in the past 3 years, EKLYA established the following STRATEGIC PRIORITIES for the next 5 years between now and 2025:

a)      Establishment of the necessary conditions (offer in English, recognition of credits, internationalization of the social life at EKLYA, etc.) to encourage incoming mobility in order to achieve balanced exchanges with our partners, in particular with ERASMUS+ members and partner countries.

b)   Increasing the number of quality partner institutions in regions with an economic fabric comparable to that of the Lyon metropolitan area and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

a.     To diversify the exchange opportunities in Europe

b.      To differentiate ourselves by offering less ” standard ” destinations outside Europe (Georgia, Armenia, Bahrain, South Korea…).

c)      Creation of “mixed” international mobility (e-learning + short seminars) for students in work-study programs (60% of students) at EKLYA, who are currently excluded from the proposed mobility offer.

d)      Expanded development of incoming and outgoing mobility through specialized short seminars in cooperation with HYBRIA and European and global partners, based on the successful experience of incoming short seminars with several universities led by Keimyung University in South Korea since July 2016.

e)      Progressive digitalization of international mobilities from the selection to the recognition of credits or experience.

f)       Organization of internal actions and events with our international partners to develop a European culture within EKLYA

g)      In the mid-term, creation of specialized programs, with one or more international partners (international business, luxury business, event management, global entrepreneurship, etc.) leading to a common degree.