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On November 1, 2018, an international transversal department was created between the two schools of the CCI of Lyon Metropole: EKLYA and HYBRIA. The department is led by Martin Klotz, former international pedagogical coordinator and head of the ‘Centre d’étude de Langues’ (CEL) at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  It reports directly to Sébastien Arcos, director of EKLYA and HYBRIA. This affiliation to the management of both schools allows the international department to create a synergy between the partners and to generate an economy of scale.  The International Department team also includes Melisa Kebude and Melina MOUMENE, in charge of international development on a work-study contract.

A EKLYA international development committee validates the main development priorities.

EKLYA School of Business is committed to prepare its students for outgoing international mobility

  • Meetings with our students and their parents to introduce the concept and the different destinations for academic mobility.
  • Provide ‘International Mobility Guides’, updated annually, which include all academic and practical information about each partner.
  • Selection of students and assignment of destinations in accordance with the principles of equity
  •   Systematic follow-up of all students before, during and after their period of international academic or professional mobility (internship).
  • Allocation of Erasmus and Region grants according to transparent procedures

and to ensure full integration of all incoming students

  • Academic Information about the school, our programmes delivered in French and in English and studying in France and in Lyon
  • Practical information and help (application, visa, administrative procedure, social insurance, accommodation…)
  • Social integration through a buddy system with our local students


Martin KLOTZ
Tel : +33 (0)675646752