Train a new generation of Business Developers

A school open to all motivated talents

EKLYA School of Business welcomes students in their first year of higher education (after high school, and validation of the Baccalaureate) and students in the 3rd year once they validated their second year in higher education system. EKLYA School of Business focuses on detecting the potential in each individual through a pedagogy stimulating creativity and teamwork.

A school in the heart of the business world

EKLYA School of Business offers education that meets academic requirements in line with corporate practices. It provides a response to recruitment needs in the most promising sectors. Its network of corporate partners enables rapid integration of all students who choose to enter the business world.

A school focused on experimentation

EKLYA School of Business has opted for a pedagogical strategy in which the student must quickly confront the reality of the corporate environment and become an actor in his or her education program by fostering project-mode learning.

A school for an enriched student adventure

EKLYA School of Business supports the development of associative life. Joining an association is an excellent way to meet people, to create relationships, to get involved and to open up to the world.


Programs that make the difference

EKLYA School of Business is part of the Negoventis network, the training network of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France. Our diplomas are recognized by the State and registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications – Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP). In addition to the academic level achieved, they attest a level of skills related to the targeted profession.


Act & Learn

Act & Learn is our pedagogical line. Throughout their studies, students in Bachelor in Business Development apply their theoretical knowledge in small project groups. This pedagogical approach of collaborative experimentation confronts students with teamwork, contributes to the development of skills and facilitates integration into the professional environment.

Means to support students toward success

Each student benefits from individualized support throughout his or her training. Our permanent team and our lecturers with a strong business background, experts in their fields, constitute an important resource for our students. The School has a set of modern and interactive teaching tools to facilitate learning (Learning Lab, Collaborative Platform, interactive video projectors, etc.).