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I chose EKLYA School of Business in Saint-Etienne because it offers a state-recognized Bachelor’s degree corresponding to my professional project. Moreover, there is a real link with the business world thanks to the 2 internships that we have to do, starting in the 1st year, and thanks to the project works that EKLYA School of Business offers in the program.

There is a real proximity between the students and the lecturers which allows a very individualized follow-up.

Beyond the school, we truly bonded with my classmates during the back-to-school seminar.

STUDY TRIP feedback:

I am Maeva, I am 23 years old, I am from the Eklya School of business on the Saint-Etienne Campus. The mobility was wonderful, the teachers were great, the school is in the heart of the city so we are close to everything and it is convenient to visit the city.  I was with the students of the Lyon campus, it was cool because we went to pubs and there was a good vibe.

I travel a lot for example this summer I plan to make a Roadtrip in the USA mainly in Florida and Louisiana. And I want to stay one year abroad in Australia. So yes I love traveling and Dublin is now one of my favorite destinations.

Before EKLYA, I have made a Higher National Diploma in farming (BTS agriculture), that’s why I chose Ireland because there are a lot of fields and sheep. I really like this country especially as the people are welcoming and there’s a warm atmosphere.