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My name is Justine Cezard in RDC (Responsible in sales development) with the option “Luxury and cosmetics”, in a work-study program at Givenchy and Kenzo.

What are the necessary skills?

In terms of skills, you need to be customer-focused, be close to the customer, dynamic and of course know your brand by heart.

What is your daily work?

My job is to manage various points of sale in the region of Lyon and boost the sales turnover.

What is your curriculum?

I started with a Baccalaureate in Sciences, then I studied one year of CAP esthetic (first level professional training specialized in aesthetics and cosmetics), then a 2-year professional certificate (BP), then I joined EKLYA School of Business in Sales representative with the option Luxury and Cosmetics and this year the Bachelor Luxury Business.

What do you like the most about your job?

What I like the most about my job are the human relations and customer contact.