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I am Louise GROLET, I am 21 years old and this year I am starting my second year of Bachelor Luxury Business at EKLYA School of Business where I am in a work-study program with Guerlain.

What are the necessary skills?

The necessary skills are to have a lot of determination, motivation, know-how to adapt to all situations that you encounter on a daily basis and of course always smile because it is very important in this area.

What is your daily work?

My job today is to promote, spotlight the brand of Guerlain in different points of sales particularly in perfumery. My job consists also in training the teams of the perfumeries and apply the merchandising plans. That means to check if the products are properly positioned, to check the stocks, the samples and to advise the brand to the customers.

What is your curriculum?

 I had obtained a Professional Baccalaureate in Aesthetics and a BTS (higher national diploma) in aesthetics. I did a commercial training at EKLYA School of Business. And currently I am studying in the Bachelor in Luxury Business.

What do you like the most about your job?

It’s really the brand that I work with. The social skills, the know-how, the Guerlain history and the relationship with customers, the human contact, informing customers about the products. Being able to give beauty advice to customers is very important.